From Dingle To Dublin: Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

fish-cowder-irish-pub-dublin_low-resDingle, in Kerry County Ireland, isn’t the first place that leaps to mind after the phrase, ‘gourmet dining’ – nor does the word Ireland. Known as the country of coastline, carbs and (for a time) political chaos, Ireland has entered the 21st century with renewed tranquility, a ramped-up travel industry, and refined culinary tastes. The coastline, however, hasn’t changed.molly-mcgee-ireland-low-res

The Dingle Peninsula is about a six-hour drive from Dublin along a winding route dubbed the Wild Atlantic Way. This drive takes you through small scenic towns such as Adare and past postcard perfect views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The endpoint for most is Dingle. You’ll be hungry when you get there.

To Read the full article, check out Fifty Five Plus Magazine where it was published in print:

From Dingle to Dublin, Fifty-Five Plus Magazine October 2016


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