Fresh and Familiar Food at Fellini’s in London, Ontario

London’s Fellini Koolini’s holds a special place in my stomach. Not only is it where I discovered the joys of Chianti (especially and brown paper on the tables.
Ok, maybe that’s not really Euro, but twenty years ago when I was a simple and poor graduate student anything a step up from the Olive Garden was fine dining. And Fellini Koolini’s was my big discovery.

Tour London, Ontario in a double-decker bus throughout the summer
Twenty years later, the restaurant is still going strong on Albert Street and the decor, bread sticks, plate of oil on the table, and brown paper tablecloths have survived the test of time. The menu is modified slightly keeping up with trendy noshes like calamari and sliced tomato salad, but the essence remains the same: thin crust pizza and pasta including the make your own option. Twenty years ago, I thought Alfredo with shrimp was exotic. This year the scallop, portabella mushrooms with blush sauce and angel with pasta) but it’s where I was introduced to Euro cuisine that included breadsticks, herb and oil dip hair pasta was one of the best combos I’ve created in decades. But then again, I’ve had some practice. (more articles like this about London, Ontario are published on the London Tourism website:


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